Nutrition & Other Therapies

Restoring Balance

Nutritional Therapy

What we eat and drink is fundamental to good health, I integrate nutritional advice into most of my consultations.

I have an interest in food intolerances and have found them to be very common.  A wide range of patients particularly those with inflammatory bowel disease and irritable bowel syndrome may derive enormous benefit from following an exclusion diet.

If I feel that you require further investigation I will write to your GP (with your consent) and ask if these can be completed on the NHS. Where this is not possible private testing may be recommended.

Where possible one should use diet rather than supplements to obtain our nutritional requirements, but purposeful supplementation can be useful.

Psychological Therapies/CBT

A huge amount of illness is caused by psychological distress and understanding this is vital in helping patients to regain their health. Stress reduction techniques can be a very effective way of improving one’s sense of wellbeing and general health as well as dealing with specific symptoms.

I have received basic training in counselling skills, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness based meditation which I integrate into consultations where appropriate for anxiety and stress related problems.


I am no longer practising Homeopathy.


In the past I have offered medical assessments for people who suspect they may have CFS/ME to try to make a definitive diagnosis. This is a service I am not currently offering other than updates for existing patients.