Restoring Balance

Why me?

I am a qualified doctor with over 25 years of experience. In addition to my work as an NHS GP I am a British Menopause Society accredited Menopause Specialist. I have skills and expertise in the following areas for which I can offer private consultations:

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT)

Nutritional Therapy

Basic skills in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Counselling

Prior to a private consultation with me you will be sent a questionnaire to complete. I will then “see” you virtually on Zoom for up to 1½ hours to take a full medical history and arrange any examination that I feel to be necessary. I will then discuss with you whether I feel that any further investigations are indicated and give you the option of getting these done via your GP on the NHS (where available) or arranging for them to be performed privately. I will then prescribe or recommend the treatment most suitable for you.

Should I feel it to be necessary I will write to your GP so please advise me if you do not wish me to do so.

I no longer offer face to face appointments, I now work remotely and offer video appointments by Zoom or Skype and follow up appointments by phone (for existing patients only).

Update August 2023 I have no more capacity to see new patients until mid 2024 so I have closed my waiting list other than for people happy to wait until Mid 2023 to see me.

As an alternative you could see :

Dr Rebecca Poet or Dr Ginny Ponsford at

or Dr Jan Toledano

or one of the doctors at the Marion Gluck clinic

or for Body Identical (non-compounded) hormones:

Dr Olivia Hun, Zoe Schaedel and colleagues at

Dr Liz McCulloch at email

Homeopathy: I no longer practice homeopathy

If you have further queries about what I offer please contact me directly by email

Dr Susie Rockwell & friend

Dr Susie Rockwell & friend